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A group of 10 users comprising of both males and females aged 34 to 41 participated in the study. They used the face serum once to twice daily for four weeks. The serum was left at room temperature. A comprehensive survey on their skin was conducted before and after use of Potent-C™ 20% Serum.

Users showing improvement in skin radiance
Users showing improvement in evenness of skin tone
Users experiencing reduction of fine lines
Users with sensitive skin reported reduction in skin sensitivity
Users experiencing overall skin improvement
Users who are satisfied with using Potent-C™ 20% Serum


“The Potent-C 20% Serum has helped with overall skin tone. I felt that pores were smaller and oiliness in the skin has reduced significantly. The product was pleasant on the skin and easy to apply.”Ryan S.
“I was having slight blemishes on my skin when I started Potent-C. After a night of use, I found visible reduction of redness. And gradually the blemishes go away after some days of usage. Quite surprising result!”Sally W.
“The product is very easy to apply and it stays on the skin very comfortably! I’ve also seen visible improvement in terms of evenness of skin tone and radiance!
Highly recommend!”Jeremy L.
“It makes my skin feel refreshed and radiant. The serum texture is not sticky and easy to apply on.”Allan H.
“Potent-C brightens up my skin. Recommend to use it daily for best results!”Donna T.
“Skin looks more radiant & I see lesser fine lines.”Pam C.
“Can feel my skin tone getting more even, clearer skin and firmer.
Skin seems more radiant.”Leonard T.
“Very comfortable to wear on as the serum is very light and non-sticky.
My face is more radiant after the serum.”Jareb K.
“Great and easy to use!!!”Melvin M.
“I swim and out in the sun often. Regularly using this serum makes me look younger than my peers.”Z Sng.

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